Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Social Web is here or should I say is working !

If you can just search what your friends think and prioritize this over every other social network online, then I am predicting that Friend Feed could become a very powerful recommendation engine.

I am strangely attracted to this new search engine/social network "Friend Feed", it is all about “easily searching content created by people you trust”. Could this be the new search engine of the future, going to find sites that your friends are making recommendations on?

It certainly could be powerful, if advertised right. (See link below from Venture Beat).

Great feature is that you can create your own room to discuss, comment on sites or news stories that your friends have found note worthy. Personally would find this useful.

I really love it, however not sure how many people I know will sign up right now, maybe with a few more years on Facebook, or maybe a year, they will then move over to friend feed – when become aware of ads interrupting their social browsing.

First things first, I have my preferred log in name, so will revisit in the future. Find me and my currently limited online connections here:

Interesting times…..

For more information on the recent use and future uses of Friend Feed see the article here from Venture Beat titled FriendFeed imports more usefulness into rooms

For more information on the future of the social web from Joe Kraus, Google’s director of product management see here: he was quoted as saying “Social is the new black”, so wish I had said that first… oh wait I can, off to Twitter it now.