Saturday, 15 January 2011

My win with @OlivesEtAl

After winning a Twitter competition last week with @OlivesEtAl I received a lovely Kilner jar of Sunshine Olives. I let them know via Twitter that I would be attempting one of their recipes (featuring Sunshine Olives) featured on their website and that I would send them a pic of the finished dish. Will share this with you below.

I seem to keep bumping into Olive Et Al at local Deli's, local food fairs, I love love their distinctive packaging and have been a fan of their story for some time now. There is a fab 5 minute video over at Jamie Olivers website, which interviews one of the founders: Giles Henschel, where he explains how the business began, his passion on using traditional methods in preparing the Olives (dating back 6000 yrs) , the best thing he likes about his job etc. If you are passionate about local produce & like to hear business success stories: go view the video here.

The recipe I stole & adapted slightly (no Thyme) from Olives Et Al, wasn't particularly adventurous, however I did make my own fresh tagliatelle (new Pasta Making machine for Xmas).

So for lunch we both had: Roast Veg Pasta with Sunshine Olives and it was delicious.

Rather than fresh Thyme, I stirred in Jamie Olivers Pesto to the Roasted Veg, the olives & pine nuts finished the dish off lovely. So many thanks sent to Olives Et Al, for allowing us to have a very posh lunch on a Saturday.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My short 2011 wishlist

1. To reach for the SKY rather than the MOON. Write short resolution lists. Chillax & roll with it
2. Follow the "Tooth Brush Principle"
3. Plan early (& save) for trips to see mates & relatives
4. Get a North Face Jacket (as I am mid 30's) so no excuses not to go for a walk on the beach
5. Send Thank you cards often
6. Find a niche for my blog
7. Start freelancing for money, rather than fun (Have a wedding to pay for)
8. Review my issue of keeping hold of unnecessary paperwork at home and work
9. Find a place that inspires me
10. Share my experiences via social media