Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rocktime Blogs in March 2011

As I manage the Rocktime Blog, sharing the blogs I wrote this month. Interestingly the goal posts changed on the blog post plan; alot Twitter posts this month. What I really wanted to blog about was the Google Panda update, if I get round to blogging that this month, will edit this post. Simples...

Next month is all going to be about local targeting, local search campaigns. Already have the material, just finalising some research on local deal sites that the team at Rocktime use.

Fiona is also writing a blog about "How easy it is to get a mobile site" - as this seems to be the question on all our clients lips at the moment, so she is talking to Tech and putting pen to paper and emailing the steps out.

On a personal side of things, I am relaunching a cookery blog which hasn't had any activity for a year. Also on this blog, will be heading down blockbusters at the weekend, to try out one of the Games I haven't played yet, that were nominated at the Game Baftas last week, so will post up a game review. Think I might go for Alan Wake, as I love a thriller.

My March Rocktime Blogs

Twitter Security Feature
Very short post mentioning about the HTTPS Only feature in security settings that recently popped up.

Why you should mobilise your website
Following a meeting with the sales team, this post discusses the latest UK Statistics relating to mobile that we believe will help our clients and propects make the move to mobile website development.

Twitter Promotions explained

Following a conversation with a client on increasing social media reach. Wrote a blog about Twitter promotions, outlining the pros and the cons.

TwitRelief campaign: Bid for a celebrity follower
We got tweeted by Suzi Perry from the Gadget Show, and receive a Direct Message with a Kiss too, so had to blog about it, and also help support a good cause.

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