Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Marathon Mad! - 105 Marathons in 105 Days around Britain

My friends mate is doing something quite extraordinary, he is on a quest to run 105 marathons in 105 days around Britain.

As a non runner I don’t quite understand it...the aching; sweating; twitching muscles; injuries; being delirious and not forgetting the overall pain.

My bloke @the_burb has run the London marathon, I asked him why he did it, the answer was “because I wanted to do it”. 

So there you have it, you either want to run a marathon or you don’t.

But to want to run 105!! 

Anyway as this is such a BIG quest, thought to expand his ‘social graph’ and blog about it and ask you to support Neil who from 10th Sept to 23rd Dec 2010, is running the 105 marathons in 105 days around Britain for Cancer Research UK.

He stated on his Marathon Mad Facebook support page here: which he has linked to his Just Giving page:

“Keep the donations coming as even a couple of quid will make a big difference”

On day two he raised £2,210 for Cancer Research UK and 22% towards his target of £10,000. Well done him.

Please do share this blog, re-blog it and RT to spread the word further, as 105 marathons in 105 days seems like a pretty awesome deed to do to raise money.

I wish he was on Twitter as I would be interested to hear the progress in real time and see the photos on route too.

To find out more about raising money online and on using Twitter for Fundraising then go visit Mashable who have listed 10 ways to start a fund for social good online and they have also discussed 10 tips for successful Twitter Fundraising.

Good luck Neil and your Facebook page says it all - you must simply be "Marathon Mad"

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