Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Exploring Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer

I never really saw any point submitting to Yahoo Site Explorer, as Yahoo spiders search the web and will find the site. However an old search colleague informs me that it is worth while tool to use and good way to manage website. Especially if one of the main aims is to increase in links to the site. Which for new sites, this is a must, and would be nice to have a tool, which has most authority to do the job.

So aim to test it.

Features include the normal list of ‘inlinks’ to the site, which are regularly cited as being a more accurate picture of your links in regards to the ones reporting by Google. (which from experience is well off the mark).

Lets you know last time the Yahoo spider visited / cached the page/site, so good for reporting impact of SEO changes.

Tells you all the subdomains it is aware of at the site.

Apparently gets websites indexed quicker !

Allows you to submit a feed – and finds your feeds quicker.

It also makes sure Yahoo knows the correct language of your site, not sure what the steps are though if states you are talking Double Dutch !

All you need to do is place a new Meta Tag with Y!Code on the sites home page.

Will watch out for impact with interest,


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