Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blog Log: November 2010

What I blogged about in November over at the Rocktime Blog, feel free to click through on the header for more info:

Social Media Meets Commerce:
A blog introducing the Ebay Group Gift Service (launched in the US) and the fact that the UK aren't ready for it yet.

I really like this blog post. I am banging on that great content is key on Facebook Pages and along with talking about building a community, I share some lessons in engagement, sharing these below:

Lessons in Engagement

  • Give your fans a reason to visit
  • Get them to love your page so they can recommend you to others
  • Provide interesting insights of value (to the fan)
  • Share news
  • Competitions
  • Deliver informative information which indicates that you know your industry and don't constantly promote your products or service
  • Give people a reason to talk about the page
  • Introduce people to the reasons as to why they should be visiting or liking the page
  • Be chatty & human to encourage conversation and ensure ongoing interaction
  • When delivering Facebook Ads, keep the target audience in mind, deliver an ad that will resonate with your fan rather than shouting about how great you are
  • Advertise on the Facebook page to encourage further interaction on your site
  • Make a note of all your customer touch points (Newsletters, Lost password, Page 404 not found) and how you can advertise your networks of interaction there to encourage Facebook Page fan growth
  • Finally, keep it real (think topical stories and conversations)

I also introduced Amazon Black Friday. News is I didn't manage to get any of the deals, went for the Flip Cam and Xbox Offer. However I did have a giggle over at the Facebook Amazon UK page, when an Amazon Friday winner bragged about all products he managed to get, to then be shamed by the Amazon UK Facebook Page Fans, with "we will find you on Ebay comments". Pretty funny.

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