Wednesday, 1 December 2010

P P Pick up a #sHamleys Penguin Story

If only Hamleys had a social media strategy, this would never have happened.

I found out about the story last night on Twitter, it really wound me up, that Hamleys weren't responding via Twitter and I was more wound up by the morning to see they were still keeping silent.

For someone passionate about social media like me, this was a hard pill to swallow.

This morning I saw the events unfold, as the media got hold of the story and more bloggers started to blog about: what Hamleys are planning to do.

It would have been so simple to fix, @Jamesmb (from: tweeted last night, that one tweet could have fixed this and I agree with him.

Along with "if only they had a social media strategy", the other "ifs" include:

If only they educated earlier about the penguins welfare, provided positive information for people to share !

If only they spoke to the people who had concerns promptly.

If only they understood the point of Twitter!!

My recommendation for #shamleys was to ditch n slide the live penguins and to put up a big screen on the Ground Floor to show Penguin Webcam at Edinburgh Zoo > which was (incedently) an Internet Hit on Monday. Have they got back to me. No they haven't, this isn't social media !!

As the above image of the Penguin Pile Up image shows "Some will stand firm, some will wobble and some will tumble down" - the same rings true for those entering social media without a strategy.

Thought to share a collection of a few blogs, news stories, forum posts and tweets that cut n pasted over a Greggs Pastie at lunch time.

Power to the People ;) Will check the links out later - as busy at work now...


@Wildlifephotog - We'll update the blog on #sHamleys as and when thing happen today

Via @achrisevans Final call for should real penguins go to hamleys for a spot of Xmas fun. First fruitcake poll. #fruitcake YES #fruitcake NO. about 7 hours ago via ƜberTwitter Retweeted by WildlifePhotog and 4 others


Please keep telling Hamleys this is wrong – Wildlife & travel ...
30 Nov 2010 ... Please keep telling Hamleys this is wrong. by Darren. Well, it's been a busy 24 hours since last night I tweeted about Hamleys outrageous ...

Born Free Blog
Please e-mail Hamleys at or contact the store via their Facebook page ...

Hamleys' penguin and reindeer show angers animal welfare supporters
ParentDish UK - Kelly Rose Bradford - ‎3 hours ago‎
Hamleys on London's Regent Street had advertised an in-store event featuring live penguin and reindeer as a Christmas treat for youngsters. ...

Hamleys – the world's most appalling toy store #sHamleys at ...
1 day ago by Socialholic
Take a look at this website – yes, it's Hamleys and, yes, you too can go to a central London store, possibly one of the busiest London stores that exists (especially at this time of year), full of excited and loud ...

Naughty Hamleys, Penguins and Reindeer Are Not Toys
1 day ago by Mat
Not only are Hamleys having a week long “Reindeer Park”, where for two hours per day you can “pat and feed our beautiful mummy and baby reindeer!“, but for four hours on Monday 6th December, you can “see the penguins swim, interact with ...

Hamleys Toy Store Of London, A PR Disaster For Christmas?
1 day ago by admin
Hamleys are having live Reindeer and Penguins in store at what must be one of the busiest times of the year and the Animal Welfare groups are not happy. People are creating enough negative noise via social media about Hamleys Christmas ...


Outrage Over Hamleys' Live Penguin Display
Sky News - Pete Norman - ‎1 hour ago‎
Hamleys toy store in London has sparked outrage for its plans to bring real penguins and reindeer into the shop as part of a Christmas promotion. ...

Hamleys defies animal rights outrage at live penguin show
This is London - ‎2 hours ago‎
Hamleys today declared it was pressing ahead with plans to have live penguins in the Regent Street toy store despite protests from animal welfare groups. ...
(NB: Image taken from this site)

Fury over Hamleys' live penguin show
The Sun - Virginia Wheeler - ‎12 hours ago‎
HAMLEYS sparked fury from wildlife groups and animal lovers yesterday - over plans to have LIVE penguins and reindeer in the toy store ...


Live penguins in Hamleys Central London toy store? - Pet Forums ...
14 hours ago by shibby
Has anyone heard this story yet? Live Penguin Show at Hamleys Criticised by Bloggers, Tweeters Londonist Hamleys – the world's most.

Live Penguins + Reindeer in Hamleys - Wild About Britain
1 day ago by Ukwildlifeo
Sorry not sure where to put this, but Hamleys toy store London are currently advertising a display of real reindeer and penguins in their shop.

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