Friday, 19 November 2010

Is it a table is it a frame - Amazing!

A new addition to my blog, is going to be about 'Storage Solutions'. I am constantly on the look out, on how to create more space in the house/flat. Going to share any storage solutions findings here to help inspire me (and others) on my 'Place for everything' mission (and an end to the Monica cupboard).

My friend at work sent me a link to this table / picture frame piece of furniture. The designer can be found here. How cool is it !! Thinking of challenging @the_burb to make one for the kitchen. Can't be too difficult, just 4 pieces of wood, pane of glass and some clippy things..;) Simple !!

Actually ditch the glass, could be health and safety issue, and just paint with Magic Chalk Board paint instead. Ikea if you are listening, I would pay £35 for this & with the addition of chalk board paint £45. I thank you.

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