Friday, 19 November 2010

BAFTA Kids Vote 2010 - Big Kids Vote for Stardoll

As a big ambassador and self confessed fan of Stardoll, I've just been checking out the BAFTA Kids Vote 2010 tonight (whilst trying to watch 'The Event'!, totally lost now) to check out this year's web nominations. Stardoll are nominated and I've done something really naughty and voted, and should be aged 7 - 14yrs, sshhh, don't tell anyone!!

Voting for the BAFTA Kids Vote 2010 opened end of October 2010 and closes 26th November 2010, so if you know any teenagers and nearly teenagers let them know about it.

Along with Stardoll the other nominations for the Best Web Site this year include:

I didn't just visit my blog tonight to tell you about my voting confession, thought to pop by to say how much I love the BAFTA Kids Vote interactive site / Barney's Bafta Boulevard. I have been playing on it for half the night!!

It was designed by 'Complete Control' a web design agency & online game developers, that I can't believe I haven't heard about before.

It's always nice to find an agency that have developed on a niche area & won big time, they have only been around for just over 10 years and boast a really impressive client list including: CBBC, Nickelodeon, Charlie and Lola, Dr Who, Topsy and Tim, Mr Bean, Penguin and a number of high profile charities such as Comic Relief, NSPCC, Oxfam, Unicef.

Well done guys!! Lots of jobs very well done.

Check them out here and prepare to be amazed by their quirky style & talent.

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