Friday, 16 November 2007

Facebook Fans

Introducing the Facebook Fan profile pages

If you have a company, a snazzy product, or a corporate champion blogger, then it maybe worth setting up a Fan site on Facebook. Before a fan or a competitor does it for you!

The majority of these fan pages are public which means (with focus on SEO) that people could find the Facebook Fan Club in the search engine result pages, visit the Facebook page and then visit your site.

Another bonus is that you can add links from the Fan page into your site (although no optimised link tags can be added).

Should you be lucky enough to establish a database of registered users on your Fan page, then you can use the group to send out updates to fans ie; changes to your website, add new products. The big bonus is that you are in control of the page, and to an extent can control the information.

Making this page before a fan is therefore key, as you want to be able to control the information to some extent.

The Bonus: When someone joins your Fan page, it is published in their News Feed for all their friends to see (unless they have this turned off). Spreading viral messages..

Its free and takes minutes to set up.

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