Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Geek Hoodie Love

As I like to talk about 'Geek product finds' on my blog, thought to give a shout out to this ladies hoodie, hope to get this for my Birthday in March ("because I'm worth it").

I spotted this hoodie last week over at Hydr8board Sports website (a local shop to me Lilliput, Sandbanks and a work client). The hoodie is uber geeky as it features machine washable headphones built right into the fabric, designed so that there are no visable wires and the plug to hook up your mp3 player is cleverly hidden in the pocket. Genius.

The hoodie is from the Rusty Wired Series and the technology is from the new InSoundTM brand from HB3 Technology who are paving the way on embedding audio functionality into clothes and garments, do go and check them out.

It's listed as £49.99 on the Hydr8board Sport website, pretty reasonable for a styled hoodie. I hope this product takes off by March, as otherwise people will know me around Bournemouth as the girl who puts her hoodie draw cords in her ears!!

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