Thursday, 3 February 2011

My January in images

On January the 1st 2011 I started my quest of taking an image a day. I have been uploading the photos to Twitter and as my Twitter links to my Delicious bookmarking account I have a quick way to source them all. The above shows the full collection of my iPhone images for January 2011.

The reason I have embarked on this project, is not because I am interested in photography, neither is the quest to remember what I did (although finding that a benefit). The goal is simple: "to get me to get away from my work desk more and seek out the new and the interesting". This month it seems it has mainly been about shopping, food, wine and gaming. What will next month bring, time will tell.

Although it is often difficult to find a picture to reflect your day, I am really enjoying this project and think it may even help me reflect a bit more on what is important to me (in life).

Sarah ;)

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