Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tangled UK Campaign on Stardoll

Stardoll members went crazy sending out buzz of the news of the Disney Tangled film Stardoll promotion to receive a free Tangled cape and chameleon character to arrive in their virtual Stardoll Suites. I spent some time this evening visiting some of the popular Stardoll insider blogs, where UK members have let other Stardoll fans know about the spoilers and how to obtain the free (virtual) gifts via going through a UK proxy server and pasting in relevant "/en/" Stardoll links.

Their passion for getting the free 'virtual' gifts in their Stardoll suites is pretty amazing, especially as the demographics are teenagers. This gives indication that Stardoll members are very tech savvy indeed: I would like to think that I would have been in their techy clan when I was a teenager (alas when I was younger the Internet didn't exist and I was in the back bedroom, trying to hack Ceefax on an Acorn Electron. Hence above image!!)

Along with the tech savvy drive of the Stardoll members, I was equally impressed with the campaign and the "Stardoll to Facebook back to Stardoll integration", a few screen shots of the journey below. The journey included a link from Stardoll to a fab Facebook game/app where you have to identify Disney characters hair do’s, then back to Stardoll. A little bit of effort and fun for a free gift, and I was encouraged to Facebook 'like' the page too, so got to know more about the latest movie (which looks great by the way). Fantastic campaign nice work Disney and Stardoll ;)

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