Friday, 21 September 2012

A YouTube Channel To do list

YouTube Broadcast yourself

I was coffee shop networking again the other day and a random who overheard a conversation I was having on social media said: "I have a YouTube channel. I have posted videos, I am getting visitors, what else can I do?".

I took his email address and sent him the below today. Sharing with you too, and logging for reference just in case someone asks again ;) 

Here is my email reply:

Subject: YouTube objective: Interact, Inform, Inspire and Educate

Well done for setting up YouTube with such quality videos and for subscribing to channels that relate to your business. Great start. 

The most important thing you can do is:  Tag and name your videos appropriately for Search Engine placement benefit.  Also write a description on your business and take advantage of opportunities to link back to your website. 

The second most important point to note is that YouTube is not just about 'Broadcasting yourself' it is about interacting with the community and inspiring and educating others of the benefits of your brand and much much more. 

Here is a YouTube to do list to keep you active. Once you have made good grounds with the below, talk to me further and we can discuss how you can grow your "relationships" on YouTube in line with your business goals. 

All the best 

A YouTube Channel To do list in no particular order

Respond to comments and as appropriate look for mentions of YouTube reviews on your brand (Searching for videos will work if they are tagged/labelled correctly). 

Spark up interest in your channel from engagement with related others.

Find “Fans” on YouTube and logging these (useful contacts for big campaigns). Look to promote those that have promoted you. Be thankful. 

Source Twitter or Facebook profiles of YouTube bloggers you like, your customers would like and engage further.

Review who subscribes to you and who you subscribe too. Have a strategy in place which outlines why you would subscribe to a channel and how you will communicate with subscribers ('YouTube updates'). Also consider the strategy behind, putting a favourite tick on someone else's videos. Plus if you have Google Analytics on your site, be sure to look how engaged (pages visited) your YouTube visitors are.  This will give you an idea as to how much focus you need to give to YouTube.

Encourage comments and respond to comments. Where possible (don't be spammy) add a call to action.

Direct people into your onsite community or other social media channels where comments can be easily shared.

Remember to save time you can set up feeds so that your Youtube activity can be automatically fed to some of your other social media channels.

Consider using 'YouTube updates' to the subscribers, how regular will these be. Why not try increasing the number of fans engaging with you by providing a short video on how to publish and edit a video on YouTube (as you defo know your stuff).

Report on the performance of your YouTube channel, using YouTube insights and web analytics data and be sure to note the stand out comments of the month (good or bad).
That's enough to be getting on with for now I think ;-)

If you have any other to dos for updating your YouTube Channel please post them in the comments section below.

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