Friday, 21 September 2012

Ten ways to increase your digital influence

I returned back to work on Monday and after 7 months maternity leave, I have managed to delete 4K worth of emails. Still have more to shift. Tip for anyone going on maternity leave, if you have subscribed to sites for client research (ie: Groupon) make sure you unsubscribe before heading off on your new baby journey.

Anyway back onto the topic of how to increase your digital influence online.

Whilst going through old emails, I found something that I wrote for the Sales team at work, giving ten ways they can increase their digital influence. What I wrote (back in Feb 2011) all still relates, so posting here.

HOW TO: Ten ways to increase your digital influence online

1. Remember there is nothing NEW to social media, the only new is the apparatus (even these aren’t that new!)

2. Note that social media facilitates face to face opportunities along with intensifying your personal and professional collaboration. (Deep!)

3. We (Rocktime) are creating compelling content to share with our customers and social media friends. The copy is currently seeded/sent out to four channels (do you know which?). Why not give our copy more legs & eyeballs and seed them out too!

4. We are already integrating our offline with our online (social media) communications (better ROI) making the most of our copy checking efforts

5. When engaging in the social networks consider how you can develop on your story telling skills, don’t always be selling / broadcasting (=boring) – be approachable honest and authentic (=builds trust).

6. Give your content wings and give it roots (Roots relate to you having a point of view)  change from thinking about changing other peoples minds to changing your own mind. Be interested and interesting.

7. Be topical early in the news cycle. Do mention and link to what others have said, but keep it real and write your own opinion.

8. Consider how you could use online video to increase our visibility (Google Search results). Do you fancy doing a piece to camera?

9. Give praise where praise is due via social channels. People love recognition (I love it loads! hint hint)

10. If you are thinking of blogging & engaging: Consider finding a niche and develop that niche and be an influencer.


If you would like to share more ways of increasing your digital influence online then please do leave a comment below. And yes that probably is the worst blog image ever posted above, just took a photo of the blog post I was writing.  It relates to influence though, so will stay until I think of something more creative.

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